This Kapsabet Boys History paper 1 consists of 2 printed pages. Candidates should check the question paper to ensure that all pages are printed as indicated and that no questions are missing.

History Pp1 SECTION A (25 MARKS)

Answer all the questions in this section.

1.   Identify two written sources of information on Kenyan history (2mks)

2.   Name two aspects of history that you have studied (2mks)

3.   Give the main reason for the migration of Eastern Bantu from Shungwaya (1mk)

4.   Identify two functions of the warriors among the Bantu communities in the pre-colonial period (2mks)

5.   Identify one reason that can lead to revocation of citizenship by birth in Kenya (1mk)

6.   State ways in which the national accord and reconciliation act of 2008 affected the composition of government in Kenya (2mks)

7.   Identify two types of democracy (2mks)

8.   Give two social factors that led to the scramble and partition of East Africa (2mks)

9.   Give two methods which were used by the British to establish their rule in Kenya (2mks)

10. Give the name of the Wanga leader who collaborated with the British (1mk)

11. Who was the British administrator in charge of the Imperial British East African Company (1mk)

12. Give two objectives for establishing colonial health centres (2mks)

13. Identify the political party formed in 1960 to champion the interest of the minority groups in Kenya (1mk)

14. Name the election body that organizes general elections in Kenya (1mk)

15. Give two types of elections held in Kenya (2mks)

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16. Identify the main voting system used in Kenya during elections (1mk)

17. Who is the head of judiciary in Kenya (1mk)


Answer any THREE questions from this section

18. a) Give five reasons for the migration of the Luo into Kenya during the 19th century (5mks)

b) Explain five effects of migration and settlement of the Luo into Kenya (10mks)

19. a) State three reasons why Seyyid Said transferred his capital from Muscat to Zanzibar in 1840 (3mks)

b) Explain six factors which contributed to the development of trade between the Kenyan Coast and the outside world in the 16th century (12mks)

20. a) State three powers given to Imperial British East African Company by the British (3mks)

b) Explain the reasons for an end to the Imperial British East African Company rule in 1895 (12mks)

      21. a) Give five early political organizations formed in Kenya up to 1939 (5mks)

b) Explain problems experienced by European settlers in Kenya (10mks)


Answer any TWO questions from this section

22. a) Give three levels of conflicts that can be experienced in Kenya (3mks)

b) Explain six factors that promote National Unity in Kenya (12mks)

23. a) State five principles of Democracy (5mks)

b) Explain the process of constitution review (10mks)

      24. a) State five functions of returning officers in a general election in Kenya (5mks)

b) Explain five factors which can interfere with free and fair elections in Kenya (10mks)

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