This History paper 2 consists of  three sections A, B and C -Kapsabet Boys Mocks- Trial 1 2022

Answer All the questions in section A, three questions from section B and two questions from              section C .

c)         Answer to all the questions MUST be written in the answer booklet provided.

d)         Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that no questions are missing.

e)         Candidates should answer the questions in English

SECTION A (25 marks) Answer ALL the questions in this section– Kapsabet Boys

1.         Identify two branches of history.                                                                                (2mks)

2.         Name two areas in Africa where the remains of Australopithecus were first discovered.  (2mks)

3          State one theory that explains how early agriculture developed.                                           (1mk)

4          Identify two methods of irrigation used in the ancient Egypt.                                               (2mks)

5          Identify the main item from North Africa in Trans-saharan trade.                                        (1mk)

6          Give  two features of the Roman roads by 300AD.                                                   (2mks)

7          State two disadvantages of horn blowing as a means of communication.                              (2mks)

8          What is the main advantage of a cell phone.                                                              (1mk)

9          Identify the main source of energy used in the early stages of industrial Revolution in Europe. (1mk)

10        Give the name of the scientist who discovered electric magnetic radiation.             (1mk)

11        Name two foreign powers that tried to conquer Cairo in the pre-colonial period.                 (2mks)

12        Identify two social functions of the ancient city of Athens in Greece.                                  (2mks)

13        Identify two European powers that acquired colonies in East Africa.                                   (2mks)

14        Mention one country in Africa that was not colonized by European powers.                       (1mk)

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15        Name the chartered company that administered Zimbabwe during the process of colonization.  (1mk)

16        Give one reason why the Burns constitution was rejected by Educated Africans in Ghana.   (1mk)

17        Give one political development in south Africa between 1990 and 1994.                             (1mk)

SECTION B.  (45MKS)    Answer three questions from this section   – Kapsabet Boys

18(a)    Give five physical changes which occurred in early human beings as they evolved from ape like             creature to modern man.                                                                                                         (5mks)  

(b)        Explain five effects of early agriculture in Mesopotamia.                                                   (10mks)

19(a)    Give three methods used to acquire slaves from West Africa during the Trans-Atlantic trade.(3mks)

(b)        Explain six factors that led to the decline of the Trans-Atlantic trade                                       (12mks)

20(a)   Give three developments that have taken place in road transport system since 1750 AD        (3mks)

(b)  Explain six ways through which the invention of the railway speeded up industrialization in                   Europe.(12mks)

21(a)    State five causes of the chimurenga War of 1896-1897.                                                        (5mks)

(b)        Explain five results of the Chimurenga War.                                                                        (10mks)


Answer TWO questions from this section

22(a)    Give three social aspects of the Shona during the pre-colonial period.                                 (3mks)

(b)        Describe the political organization of Shona kingdom during the pre-colonial period.        (12mks)     

23(a)    State the reasons why the British used direct rule to administer Zimbabwe.             (3mks)

    (b)   Explain six reasons for the failure of direct rule in Southern Nigeria.                                   (12mks)

24(a)    Mention five factors that facilitated the growth of nationalism in Ghana.                            (5mks)

    (b)    Explain five reasons why FRELIMO succeeded in its armed struggle against the Portuguese.

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