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  1. Define the following terms (2mks)
  2. Entomology
  • pomology
  • Apiculture
  • olericulture
  • Outline four aspects of rainfall important in Agriculture (2mks)
  • State the four physical agents of weathering (2mks)
  • Give four effects of biotic factors in the soil (2mks)
  • Distinguish between rip saw and cross-cut saw (1mks)
  • For each of the following tools give two examples (2mks)
  • file
  • scrappers
  • chisels
  • gauged marking tools
  • Describe four conditions necessary for land clearing to take place (2mks)
  • State four reasons why burning as a method of land clearing is discouraged. (2mks)
  • a) What is minimum tillage? (1mk)
  1. Distinguish between a weir and a dam (1mk)
  1. Give two types of each of  the following pipes (1mks)
  2. Hose pipes
  • Metal pipes
  1. Identify two dairy goats (1mk)
  1. Give four benefits derived from a camel (2mks)
  1. Differentiate between macro nutrients and micro-nutrients (1mks)
  1. Highlight the functions of phosphorus in plants (2mks )
  1. Give four fertilizers that can be used during planting in crops (2mks)
  1. List any four methods of harvesting crops (2mks)
  1. Highlight any two diseases that attack cabbages (1mk)
  1. List any two insect-pests that attack tomatoes (1mk)


  • Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow
  • Identify what is being tested in the above set-up (1mk)
  • Identify the most ideal soil for most crops (1mk)
  • Give two ways of improving the clay soil to be used for cultivation (2mks)
  • Describe four characteristics of clay soils (4mks)
  • The diagram below represents a hand saw study it and answer the questions that follow
  • Name the parts marked P,Q,R,S and T (2 ½ mks)
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  • Give four maintenance practices for the above saw (4mks)

  • Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow
  1. identify the structure above (1mks)

  • State the function of the structure in (a) above (1mks)
  • State the importance of activity carried by the structure in (a) above (4mks)
  1. Identify tools (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) (4mks)
  • Give the use of each of the tools named in (a) above (4mks)


  • a)Name and explain the importance of Agriculture in the economy of Kenya (6mks)

b) Give practices carried out in minimum tillage (7mks)

c)  Describe the benefits of minimum tillage ( 7mks)

  • a) Highlight the importance of water treatment (4mks)

b) Describe four characteristics of a fertile soil (6mks)

c) State any four characteristics of nitrogenous fertilizers (6mks)

d) Describe four characteristics of a good storage structure (4mks)

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