Q1. a) Explain the reasons for divorce in the society                                                            (8mks)

      b) Give six reasons why abortion is prohibited in Islam                                                  (6mks)

     c) Identify any six deeds that lead to piety and righteousness                                           (6mks)

Q2. a) What is the significance of practicing honest in trade                                               (8mks)

      b) Explain the importance of Eddat                                                                                 (6mks)

      c) State any six rights of a Muslim girl child                                                                   (6mks)

3. a) Discuss any four factors that will prevent a heir from inheriting                                   (8mks)

    b) How does Islam empower women economically                                                           (6mks)

   c) Describe any six ways through which Muslims can assist in the eradication of corruption in the society(6mks)

4. a) Discuss four differences between Hijra to Madina and Hijra to Abyssinia                   (8mks)       

    b) Identify any six allegations labelled against caliph Uthman                                        (6mks)

    c) Outline the achievements of the Ummayad Dynasty                                                    (6mks)

5. a) Outline the challenges faced by Muslims in the spread of Islam in East Africa in the period between 1700 and 1900 A.D.                                                                                                (8mks)

    b) Discuss ways in which the Muslim city states on East African Coast facilitated the spread of Islam in the region                                                                                                                          (7mks)

    c) Mention five economic activities practiced during the Jahiliyyah period                     (5mks)

  • a) Describe six lessons that a Muslim can learn from sheikh al Amin Mazrui             (6mks)

        b) Explain measures introduced by Hassan Al Banna to reform the Egyptian society     (7mks)         c) State Imam Ghazal’s views on children’s education                                                 (7mks)

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