1. a)Explain the differences between Makkan and Madina Surahs                                (7marks)  

      b) State the benefits of translating the Quran into other languages                            (7marks)

      c) Explain the circumstances that led to the revelation of suratul hujurat                  (6marks)

2. a) Describe the ways in which angel Jibril assisted Prophet Mohammad in his mission (7marks)

      b) Give the reasons why the Quran was revealed in the Arabic                                   (6marks)

      c) State the teachings on interpersonal relationships between Muslims according to suratul Hujurat                                                                                                                       (7marks)

3.a) The prophet said “The strong man is not the good wrestler, the strong man is in fact the person who controls himself at the time of anger

 In reference to the above Hadith explain in which ways Muslim can manage Anger  (7marks)

b) Give reasons why Muslims should care for animals                                            (7marks)

c) What are the characteristics of weak (dhaif) Hadith                                            (6 marks) 

4.a) Discuss The significance of tawba to a Muslim                                                   (8marks)

b) Outline the six achievements of imam Malik                                                   (6marks)

c) State six conditions that necessitate the performance of ghusl                         (6 marks)

5.a) Explain five differences between the Islamic Sharia and secular Laws             (10marks)

   b) List five punishments of crimes under hudud laws                                         (5marks)

   c) State the conditions to be fulfilled for one to be considered a mujtahid  (6marks)

6.a) Explain the significance of divine guidance in the life of a muslim                    (7marks)

 b) Give the meaning of the following attributes of Allah                                   (6marks)

  • Al hayyu
  • Al qayyum
  • Al  Razzaq
  • Al  Rahim
  • As-Swamad
  • Al quddus
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 c) State the different interpretations of the term Imamah                                    (7marks)

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