Answer all the questions in this section.

1. What was the main reason for the dispersal of the coastal Bantus from Shungwaya? (1mk)

2. Give two functions of Njuri Ncheke among the Ameru.                                        (2 marks)

3. Name the missionary society that established a home for freed slaves at the coast.(1 mark)

4. Highlight two factors which led to the increase in demand for slaves along the East African Coast during the 19th Century.                                                                                (2 marks)

5. Name the document which contains the Bill of Rights for Kenyan citizens.         (1 mark)

6. Give the meaning of citizenship.                                                                            (1 mark)                           

7. Give one political party that was represented in the Second Lancaster House conference of 1962.                                                                                                                           (1 mark)

8. State two ways in which Kenyans exercise pure democracy.                                (2 marks)

9. Identify two reasons why the British allowed the Imperial British East Africa company to administer their possession in East Africa during the 19th century.                      (2 marks)

10. Give one feature of the political organizations which were formed in Kenya before 1939.   (1 mark)

11. Name the political party that led Kenya to independence.                                   (1 mark)

12. State two sources of Kenyan law.                                                                         (2marks)                                                         

13. Give two conditions a person in Kenya must fulfil to vie for presidential elections. (2mks)     

14. Name two Asians who assisted the Africans in the struggle for independence in Kenya. (2mks)

15. Give one reason for the adoption of African Socialism in Kenya.                       (1 mark)

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16.  Name two ways in which parliamentary supremacy is exercised in Kenya.     (2 marks)

17.  State one way in which the covid-19 pandemic affected the education sector in Kenya(1 mark)


       Answer any three questions in this section.

18.  a) Give five reasons that influenced the migration of Plain Nilotes to Kenya during the pre-colonial period.                                                                                              (5 marks)

       b) Explain five results of the migration and settlement of the Maasai in Kenya during the pre-colonial period.                                                                                           (10 marks)

19.  a) Give five factors that influenced the location of urban centres in Kenya during the colonial period.

       b) Explain five factors which led to the migration of Africans to the urban areas in Kenya during the colonial period                                                                              (10 marks)

20.  a) List down three roles of Mekatilili in the Agiriama resistance.  (3 marks)

       b) Discuss six results of the Agikuyu mixed reaction.                                        (12 marks)     

21.  a) Give three features of the missionary education in Kenya during the colonial period.(3mks)

       b) Explain six political roles played by the African elected members of parliament during the struggle for independence.                                                                              (12mks)


Answer any two questions from this section

22 a) Identify three symbols of national unity in Kenya.                                            (3mks)

      b)  Explain six factors which have undermined government efforts of promoting National unity in Kenya.                                                                                                            12mks

23.  (a)  Identify three functions of the sergeant at arms in parliament.                     (3mks)                                              

       (b) Explain six powers and functions of the president in Kenya.                         (12 mks)

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24. a)   State five functions of correctional facilities in Kenya.                                 (5mks)

      b)  Explain five factors that undermine the administration of justice in Kenya today.(10mks)

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