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SECTION A (20 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided.

1. Identify two sources of Kenyan history (2mks)

2. Name one community in Kenya that belongs to the River Lake Nilotes (1mk)

3. State two economic activities of the Abagusii in Kenya during the pre- colonial period (2mks)

4. Give two reasons which led to the decline of Gedi during the 15th century (2mks)

5. Name the type of constitution used in Kenya (1mk)

6. Identify two peaceful ways of resolving conflicts (2mks)

7. Apart from the Nandi, name two other communities that resisted the establishment of colonial  

    rule in Kenya. (2mks)

8. State the main duty of the Governor during the British colonial rule in Kenya (1mk)

9. State one reason why the colonial government established Local Native Councils in Kenya in

    1924. (2mks)

10. Identify two features of African farming in Kenya during the colonial period (2mks)

11. Name one Ex- officio member of parliament in Kenya? (1mk)

12. Identify two negative consequences of urbanization in Kenya during the colonial period. (2 marks)


Answer ALL questions from this section in the answer booklet provided

13 (a) Why did the highlands Nilotes migrate from their original homeland during the pre-

  colonial period? (5mks)

(b) Explain five results of the migration and settlement of the highland Nilotes in Kenya


14. (a) What were the activities of the imperial British East Africa company (IBEA Co.)

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       between 1888 and 1895? (5mks)

      (b) Why did imperial British East Africa Company (IBEA co.) rule come to an end in 1895?


15. a) What economic reasons encouraged the British to colonize Kenya during 19th Century. (3mks)

      b) Explain six ways through which the colonial government promoted settler farming.. (12mks)

16. (a) State three ways through which communities in Kenya interacted during the pre- colonial   

       period. (3mks)

      (b) Describe the social organization of the Agikuyu during the pre- colonial period (12mks)

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