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Answer all the questions in the spaces provided below each question.

1a.State 7 reasons for studying CRE (7MKS)

1b. Why is the bible referred to as a library (7mks)

1c. Identify areas where the bible is used in the Christian life today (6mks)

2a. Identify seven literacy forms used in writing the bible (7mks)

2b. Give the eight divisions of the books of the bible (8mks)

2c. Identify the Apocrypha books (5mks)

3a.   Identify the Pauline letters in the New Testaments (7mks)

3b. Mention six versions of the bible used in Kenya today (7mks)

3c. Explain the effects of bible translations into African languages (6mks)

4a.Describe the first creation  account as given as given in genesis 2:4-25(7mks)

4b.  Give seven attribute of God from the first and second creation account(7mks)

4c.Give six responsibilities given to man by God in the creation accounts (6 Marks )

5a.State the consequences of six according to Genesis

5b.Explain the causes of evil in Traditional African society

5c.Identify some evil deeds present in Kenya today

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