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Compilation of Possible Excerpts Based Questions Likely to be Examined in English Paper 2.


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. (25 marks)

When all four were back at their seats, the Chair began to wrap up.”Excellencies, we’ve come to the end of our summit.” He smiled, and why not? Had The Trick not saved the day? Had it not eliminated the need for the consensus he could not achieve? “Go back home safely, Excellencies. As we say in my country, travel like lions, without fear of attack or worry about supper. And, speaking about supper, the Pinnacle informs me that, to cap our summit, it has organised a closing ceremony on the mezzanine floor. Things will start sizzling in thirty minutes. So we’ll meet there soon.” Gavel hit wood.Bang. “I now declare the summit itself formally closed.” Bang. Bang. President Dibonso sprang to hit feet at once. “Mr Chairman, don’t insult our intelligence withthat rubbish.” His voice was grating on all ears with tones of rage. “What rubbish are you referring to? President Dibonso?” asked the Chair. He was rising tothe challenge. “The Choice Matrix indeed! Do you really expect us to buy into that madness? Can’t you seethat some of us are not senile? We reject the matrix, lock, stock and barrel.” “I said the summit stands closed,” insisted the Chair. Bang. Bang.”And I say it is open again,” retorted President Dibonso.

“But, President Dibonso, you do not have the power to do so.” “Who says I do not have the power to do so? See this?” He pulled out a pistol, pocket-size.The other heads of state scrambled to hide under their desks. “President Dibonso, put that thing away!” demanded the Chair.”Make me!” retorted President Dibonso, The pistol clicked, It was ready to start spitting fire at the Chaire.


  1. Briefly explain what happens just before the excerpt.                                               (4 marks)
  2. Identify and illustrate two-character traits of the Summit Chair and one of PresidentDibonso.

(6 marks)

  • What two themes come out in the excerpt?                                                                 (4 marks)
  • (i) We reject the matrix, lock, stock and barrel. (Write beginning with “Lock“) (1mark)
  • Discuss two stylistic devices used in the excerpt.                                                      (4 marks)
  • I said the summit is closed. (Rewrite using a question tag)                                   (1 mark)
  • Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt.                       (3 marks)
    • Consensus
    • cap
    • sizzling


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. (25 marks)

Professor Kimani joined the University of Nairobi directly as a senior lecturer. Even before taking off, he was already flying. There was a reason. Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda had justdismantled théir University of East Africa. Kenya’s part of the university, now renamed the University of Nairobi, found itself with a vacancy it had to fill immediately in its Institute of Development Studies.

Professor Kimani, who had just completed his studies at the University of Oxford, wrote from there to say he wanted to fill it. To ensure he came and filled it for sure, the University of Nairobi raised his entry point from that of a lecturer to that of a senior lecturer.

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He came. Only a month after his arrival, he launched a noisy debate in which he demanded that the University of Nairobi henceforth strive for relevance to the society rather than simplyexcellence of its work. It was not clear exactly what he meant by relevance to the society rather than simply excellence of its work. It was not clear exactly what he meant by relevanceto the society. However, a short six months later, he prevailed. The university’s official mottobecame, ‘Relevance to the society’.

After winning this war, he started another war which was even noisier. Now he wanted the university to be an agent of change, not a mere spectator of it. This was when people still thought this view was too radical and ridiculed it as simple- minded. So, not surprising, someof his colleagues, puzzled by his refusal to see that it was simple-minded, did or said little, convinced that he would fall on his face before long and self-destruct on his own

without their help.

He did not care. After all, his antics in wars that he had started, and won, had also won him the heart of a campus beauty queen. Her name was Asiya Omondi. He married her on a rainy but approving Saturday, to claps of thunder and flashes of lightning. How marriage then accelerated academic success! A professorship soon followed. After that achievement, he feltfulfilled. His persona now was complete. Had anyone told him this happiness would one dayend as it did, he would have laughed himself upside down.


  1. After Kimani fills a vacancy in University of Nairobi’s Institute of Development Studies,he demands for two changes at the university in quick succession. What are these changes?

(2 marks)

  • Identify and illustrate three characters traits of Kimani brought out in this excerpt.  (6marks)
  • Discuss three themes raised in the excerpt.                                                                  (6 marks)
  • (i) To ensure he came and filled it for sure, the University of Nairobi raised his entry point from that of a lecturer to that of a senior lecturer. (Write beginning with the mainclause). (1 mark)

ii) His persona now was complete.                                                                                      (1 mark)

  • Identify one stylistic device used in the excerpt.                                                         (4 marks)
  • Explain the meaning of the following words used in the excerpt.                              (4 marks)
  • The writer says, ‘Had anyone told him this happiness would one day end as it did, hewould have laughed himself upside down.” What later happened to Professor Kimaniin the text? (2 marks)


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow (25 marks)

“Tad,” said the cranky passenger as he was settling down in economy class, in a seat next toDr Afolabi’s. “Tad Longway,” he added. His voice, deep, lingered on like the boom of a bigdrum. He held up a card. Dr Afolabi took it. It said the man was a Director of Special Projects at the Agency for Governance and Development in Africa. “Pleased to meet you, Mr Longway,” Dr Afolabisaid. “My name is Abiola Afolabi. I teach at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. “

“You gave an excellent keynote the other day, Dr Afolabi,” said the cranky passenger. Sparksof earnestness were crossing his eyes, both crystal-green like toy marbles, confirming the compliment was sincere. “Your keynote address at the Foundation for Democratic Rule, I mean. It was brilliant.” “I’m glad you liked it, Mr Longway,” Dr Afolabi said. His voice had become warm. “Youwere there, then, Mr Longway?”

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“Yes, but back in the last row. As a mere spectator, I did not want to be obtrusive. Anyway, you were superb, Dr Afolabi. If you don’t mind my adding this, I was more impressed by thepoints that the audience raised afterwards, during the question-and-answer period. “

Dr Afolabi felt the praise he had just heard turn into reproach. “So what were those points,Mr Longway?” he asked. His voice was less warm. “Remember the guy from Grassroots International: short fellow, round of body andoutspoken of manner? What was his name? It’s on the tip of my tongue.”

You must mean the fire-eater who kept accusing me of looking for answers where I shouldnot even look,” Dr Afolabi said. “Exactly, that’s our man. Yes, I thought he was right on point, Dr Afolabi. He too wasunhappy with the present state.”

“Wait, the present state of what?” “Africa.””I don ‘t understand. ” “No problem. I’ll spell it out for you. You see, Dr Afolabi, Africa, in its present state, has twonew arrivals: corruption and impunity. The first is a crime the Second protects from punishment, the second is another crime the first rewards with kickbacks. That is Africa in its presept state. Now can it change?”

“Tell me. Can it?””Well, let’s ask the Law of Will.” ‘”‘ What?” “Unless there is will to change, there will be no change.”


  • Briefly explain what happens before the excerpt.                                                        (3 marks)
  • Discuss one-character traits of Dr Afolabi and two of Mr Longway.                        (6 marks)
  • Highlight two themes evident in the excerpt.                                                               (4 marks)
  • (i) It’s on the tip of my tongue. (Add a question tag)                                                   (1 mark)

iii) Unless there is will to change, there will be no change. (Rewrite using “if“)          (1mark)

  • Identify two stylistic devices used in the excerpt.                                                       (4 marks)
  • (F) Explain the meaning of the following words and expressions used in the excerpt.(4 marks)


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow (25 marks)

Cute as a button and sharp as a needle, he thought. Her eyes were wide and white like a pairof moons. She continued. “My natural parents were Gambian, but I will never see them. aredead. Oh, well.” She wriggled in her chair. “Goodness me, what am I doing? Dictating my autobiography?” She waved that idea away. “Let’s talk business now, shall we?” She pulledout of her handbag a small device then switched it on. “Mind if I start recording?”

“You’re a reporter?” He had not thought she was.”Yes, for the Gambian News.”

“I see. Now, how can I help you, Ms Mckenzie?””I’d like to ask you a few questions, if I may.” “Yes, you may. In fact, why don’t I start you off? My name is Abiola Afolabi, which you seem to

know already. But you can just call me Abiola, my first name. Take it from there.”

“I will: you studied at Harvard University in the USA. Now you teach at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.” She smiled. “I got that from the cover of your book: Failure of States.” Heaverted his eyes to enjoy this fame in the correct manner— with humility, he hoped she would easily see through. This black Scotswoman surely knew her tread, he thought.

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“when I heard you were heard at The Seamount Hotel, Dr Afolabi, I decided to come and seeyou. So

here I am. This is also funny.” “Funny?”

“Yes. I expected to see an academic scarecrow dressed in jeans. Instead, I see a well- dressedman who might well be a business person…”


  1. Explain what happens immediately g) Explain the meaning of the following before thisexcerpt.

(4 marks)

  • Identify and illustrate two aspects of style in this excerpt.                                         (4 marks)
  • Discuss one theme evident in this excerpt.                                                                   (2 marks)
  • Discuss two-character traits of Fiona in the excerpt.                                                   (4 marks)
  • Briefly explain what happens what happens after this excerpt.                                  (2 marks)
  • How are Afolabi’s thoughts in his book fulfilled later in the book? Briefly explain


  • Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt.                         (5 marks)
    • Averted
    • Autobiography
    • Wriggled
    • Tread
    • Menacingly


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow (25 marks)

“Why do you want to steal my wife?””The word I used is ‘marry’. You prefer ‘steal’?””What good is she to you?” Kimani cursed himself for that wording: he had degraded notonly his wife but also himself, and in the same breath, upgraded his foe.”What good is she to me? Because she is much older than I am? — is that what you mean?Then hear my answer. Old is gold.”Mr Walomu’s opponents had a different answer: ‘ ‘When a cat gets into a pigeon coop,” theysaid, “it kills all the pigeons it finds there, not just those it will eat”.

Mr Walomu had already eaten three pigeons and now had in his paws a fourth: Asiya. Strewnalong his path, lay many others he had killed but not eaten. So who could say for sure that,months hence, Asiya would not become one of these?Mr Walomu’s opponents continued. “As for what you call ‘stealing’, a professor in Texassaysthat lots of people do it. He threw in a Swahili to support his claim.

“Na hivyo ndivyo ilivyo.” To help it along, he gave an appropriate English equivalent. “Andthat’s how the cookie crumbles.”That was mockery Professor Kimani felt had to reject. “You have three beautiful wives,” hebegan. This was a silly start, as even he realised. Had he not sounded like an envious loser?Nonetheless, he went on. “All of them are young.””And young they’ll still be the day I die,” Walomu added.”Karanja, you know the saying: ‘A real bull dies with green grass in its mouth’ .”


  1. Briefly explain what happens just before this excerpt.                                                (3 marks)
    1. Identify and illustrate two-character traits of Walomu in the excerpt.                      (4 marks)
    1. Then hear my answer. (Add a question tag)                                                                 (1 mark).
    1. Discuss two themes raised in the excerpt.                                                                    (4 marks)
    1. Identify and illustrate three stylistic devices used in the excerpt.                              (6 marks)
    1. To help it along, he gave an approximate English equivalent. (Rewrite beginning withthe main clause)                                                                                                                               (1 mark).
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