Download Marking Scheme for Kassu Jet English Paper 3

  1. Imaginative composition. (Compulsory)                                                               (20 marks)


  1. Write a composition to illustrate the proverb, “All is well that ends well.”


  • Write a composition describing a prize-giving day that was recently held in your school.
  • Compulsory Set Text                                                                                          (20 marks)

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll`s House.

“Too much preoccupation with one’s own interest can easily lead to self-destruction.”  Write an essay to validate this statement using illustrations from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

  • Optional set text                                                                                                  (20 marks)
  1. The Short story: 

Chris Wanjala (ed.), Memories We Lost and Other Stories

Even in the midst of gloom and despair, one can find inspiration that keeps them going. Using illustrations from Siddhartha Gigoo’s ‘The Umbrella Man’, write an essay to justify this assertion.

  • The Novel

John Steinbeck, The Pearl

Good fortune does not necessarily guarantee happiness. Validate the truthfulness of this statement drawing illustrations from The Pearl.

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