SECTION A KassuJet Geography paper 1 Mocks June 2022

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Answer all the questions in this section.

1.            (a)         State three reasons why it is important to study Geography.                               (3 marks)

               (b)         What is the relationship between Geography and Agriculture?                           (2 marks)

2.            (a)         What is weather forecasting?                                                                                                  (2 marks)

(b)         List three elements of weather.                                                                                            (3 marks)

3.            Study the diagram below and use it to answer questions (a) and (b) below:

                (a)          Identify the feature marked X.                                                                                    (1 mark)

(b)         Describe how the feature is formed.                                                                            (4 marks)

4.            (a)         What is karst landscape?                                                                                                           (2 marks)

(b)         State three factors that influence the occurrence of underground water.    (3 marks)

5.            The diagram below shows lowland glaciated features. Study the diagram and answer        questions (a) and (b).

(a)          What is an outwash plain?                                                                                              (2 marks)

(b)         Name the features marked U, V and W.                                                                      (3 marks)


Answer question 6 and any other TWO questions from this section.

6.            Study the map of Nyeri 1:50000 (sheet 120/4) provided and answer the following questions

                (a)         (i)          Name the two districts in the northern part of the map extract.       (2 marks)

                                (ii)         Give the latitudinal extent of they are covered by the map.                (2 marks)

                                (iii)        According to the marginal information provided in the map, what is the                                                     magnetic variation of the area when the map was drawn.                   (2 marks)                                                

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                                (iv)        Calculate the area of Nyeri forest on the map. Give your answer in square                                                 kilometres.                                                                                                           (2marks)

                (b)         Describe drainage of the area covered by the map.                                              (5 marks)

                (c)          Citing evidence from the map, explain three factors that favours the growing of coffee                      in Nyeri area.                                                                                                                    (6 marks)

(c)         Explain three factors that have influenced settlement in the area covered by the map.                                                                                                                                                               (6marks)

7.            (a)         (i)           Differentiate between rocks and minerals.                                                    (2 marks)

                              (ii)       Describe the following characteristics of minerals.

·    Color.                                                                                                                                   (2 marks)

·    Hardness.                                                                                                                            (2 marks)

                (b)         (i)           What are igneous rocks?                                                                                          (2 marks)

                                (ii)         State three differences between plutonic and volcanic rocks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (3 marks)

                (c)          Describe the formation of the following rocks.

                                (i)           Mechanically formed sedimentary rocks.                                                        (3 marks)

                                (ii)         Chemically formed sedimentary rocks.                                                            (3 marks)

        (d)         (i)           Identify the missing type of rocks.                                                                      (3 marks)

Original rockMetamorphic rock

                (ii)         Suppose you were to carry out a field study on rocks at the Kenyan coast. State    

                            two reasons as to why you would ask for permission from the school    

                           administration.                                                                                                                   (2marks)

              (iii)        What reasons would you give for the widespread of sedimentary rocks at the    

                             coastal plain?                                                                                                                     (3marks)

9.            (a)          (i)           Name three types of river erosion                                                                      (3 marks)

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                               (ii)         Describe the following river erosional presses.

·    Abrasion                                                                                                                       (4 marks)

·    Solution                                                                                                                         (3 marks)

(b)         (i)           What is river rejuvenation                                                                                         (2 marks)

               (ii)         Identify three features that result from river rejuvenation.                    (3 marks)

(c)          (i)           Name two types of submerged highland coasts.                                           (2 marks)

               (ii)         State twofactors influencing deposition by ocean waters.                        (2 marks)

(d)                      Explain three significance of oceans to human activities.                            (6 marks)

10.         (a)         (i)           Differentiate between soil texture and soil structure.                           (2 marks)

                               (ii)          Apart from living organisms, name four other components of soil.  (4 marks)                      

(b)         The diagram below shows different layers of soil. Use it to answer questions (b) (i),           (ii) and (ii)

                               (i)            Name the soil layers X ,Y and Z                                                                      (3 marks)

                               (ii)          Give two main processes of soil formation which takes place in horizon W.                                                                                                                                                                                                               (2 marks)

                               (iii)         State fourcharacteristics of soil in horizon X.                                         (2 marks)

                (c)          Explain how the following farming practices may result to loss of soil fertility

                               (i)            Continuous irrigation.                                                                                     (2 marks)

                               (ii)          Over grazing.                                                                                                      (2 marks)

                               (iii)         Over cultivation.                                                                                                (2 marks)

                (d)         Explain ways in which natural vegetation may prevent soil from erosion. (4 marks)


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