Questions and Answers from Kapsabet Mocks 2022 CRE P1

1.   a)   Outline the first account of creation in Genesis 1:1-2:49                               (7mks)

b)   State seven responsibilities given to human beings by God in the genesis stories of

creation.                                                                                                          (7mks)

c)   Outline six ways in which Christians care for God’s creation today.            (6mks)

2.   a)   Explain the factors that led to the division of Israel after the death of King Solomon.                                                                                                                                       (7mks)

b)   Identify seven reasons that led to the Mt. Carmel contest.                            (7mks)

c)   Statesix reasons why leaders are rejected in society today.                           (6mks)

3.   a)   Mention seven ways in which the old Testament prophets communicated their

            messages.                                                                                                        (7mks)

b)   Give seven reasons why Israel and Judah would face God’s judgement according to

prophet Amos.                                                                                                (7mks)

c)   State six ways in which modern Christians may invite Gods punishment onthem.        


4.a)      Describe the call of prophet Jeremiah.                                                            (7mks)

b)   Outline seven reasons why Jeremiah condemned human sacrifice.               (7mks)

c)   Statesix ways in which Christians can reduce human suffering.                   (6mks)

5.   a)   Identify seven factors that promote harmony and social responsibility in traditional

African Community.                                                                                       (7mks)

      b)   Mention seven factors that influence the naming of children in traditional African

            society.                                                                                                            (7mks)

      c)   Show how modern trends have affected burial rites in traditional African communities.


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