Computer QUESTION ONE: Kapsabet Boys Trial 1 (May 2022)

1. (a)    Assume you are the Director AMACO INSURANCE COMPANY LTD you want to update your customers on the current dues as per the insurance cover each client have. Use mail merge to write an official letter to FIVE CUSTOMERS informing them of this. Your letter must meet the following conditions.

      i.    Must have the header at the top with the company’s name as the letter head                              (2mks)
ii.   Must have footer at the bottom indicating the current date and time, left aligned.                      (2mks)
iii.  The insurance will cover the vehicles and each client due, car number will not be the same.     (2mks)
iv   The address lines will include                                       Title

                                                                                                First name

                                                                                                Last name



                                                                                                Car no plate

                                                                                                                                Amount due                                                       (14mks)

(b) (i)   Prepare the table below in Ms word and then apply formatting as follows and save as MSS    (8 mks)

Technical information  Action taken  
Machine description  Problems found  Diagnostic checks  Solutions  
Compaq / evo  hardware  software  Memory video  1  Replacing vga  
6522    Faulty component VGA CARD  2  Installing drivers  
Desktop  No display  VGA CARD  3  Rebooting system  

      (ii) Format the table with border line colour red and choose double line                                         (5mks)

      (iii) Shade the table to tight green colour for the first two rows and light blue shading for therest of the table                                                                                                                                                                                                              (5mks)

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(c)  Type the paragraph below, save it as computer and apply formatting as stated                                (4mks)

      Computer Program is a set of instructions that direct a computer to perform some processing function or combination of functions. For the instructions to be carried out a computer must execute a program, that is, the computer reads the program, and then follows the steps encoded in the program in a precise order until completion. A program can be executed many different times, with each execution yielding a potentially different result depending upon the options and data that the user gives the computer.

      (i)   The text “computer program” should be the title, change its case to upper case font TREBUCHET

            MS size 16, colour green                                                                                                          (2mks)

(ii). Find the word ‘instructions’ look for its meaning in the computer dictionary and finally replacethe word

      with new meaning from the dictionary                                                            (3mks)
(iii). Format the whole paragraph to justified alignment shading colour light green                           (3mks)

Peter  15000Computer34  Single
John  17000  Computer44  Married  
Kamau  19000  Finance  33  Divorced  
Charles  21000  Research  33  Single  
Johns  23000  Research  25  Single  
Thomas  25000  Computer  26  Married  
Ann  27000  Finance  28  Married  
Susan  29000  Finance  29  Divorced  
Tina  31000  Research  24  Divorced  
Andrew  33000  Computer  40  Single  
Hardy  35000  Finance  20  Married  
Njeri  37000  Finance  43  Single  
Kimani  10000  Research  15  Single  
Silamtoi  15000  Finance  35  Divorced  
Tina  35000  Computer  25  Married    
Moses  59000  Research  33  Single  
Miriam  70000  Finance  56  Divorced  
Maurice  32876  Computer  70  Divorced  
Alphie  43876  Research  98  Divorced  
Albert    48098  Research.  32  Single  
Langat  6500  Computer  12  Single  
Phenny  29000  Finance  70  Single  
Hilda  32000  Computer  13  Married  


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Create data base called personnel and create a table named department                  (5 mks)

(b) Create queries to determine (save each query using the alphabet numbers below)

      i.    Number of people with basic salary greater than 32,000=                                                     (5 mks)

      ii.   Number of people with basic salary less than 45,000= AND come from computerdepartment(5mks)

      iii. Names of people who are either married or single.                                                                (4 mks)

      iv. Those whose salary fall between 25,000/= and 50,000=                              (3mks)
v.   Those whose name begin with letter M or end in letter S                                  (3 mks)

(c) (i) Create a query to compute the new salary if there is an increment of basic pay by   50%     (7mks)
(ii) Filter using query those who earn above 33000/= and aged between 39 and 70                   (5 mks)

(d) (i) Create a form using form wizard using the Departmental table above.                        (3mks)
(ii) Create a form in design view using the departmental table above on the form calculate the total basic

            salary for the whole table, add current date and time on the form header                    (5 mks)
(iii) Create a report for THE ABOVE table using design view and print.  (5mks)


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