Vitta also shares that corruption is endemic in Africa. The vice has disastrous effects on the continent’s economies. It also affects the cohesion of communities and social contracts, which are vital pillars for building nations. Wars and organized criminal networks distract the dcvclopmcnt of some countries. The networks control all the political and economic opportunities. Corruption is a pandemic in African countries.

Bribery is the order of the day in Banjul, Gambia. Ms. Fiona McKenzie is stopped at Arch Number 22. The police demand a bribe from her driver, an unemployed graduate. Mr. Tad Longway in his submission to Dr. Afolabi says that Africa in its present state has two new arrivals: corruption and impunity. This affirms that corruption is a vice that is rampant in Africa, almost the oxygen of the African countries.

• In the elections held in Zimbabwe, Comrade Melusi and all other candidates together garner 1% of the total votes cast while the ruler gets 99% after all the challenges that precede the elections thereby negatively painting the ruler and his government his government as unpopular. Additionally it points to some unorthodox means that must have been used to get 99% of the votes cast: rigging.

Mr. Tad Longway apart from clearing bills for their meals he also gives Comrade Melusi a stack of American dollars and thereafter gives him a document titled Path Alpha. This ‘ ‘gift” could be construed as a means to wield influence on his decision.

Chapter Summaries to The Fathers Of Nations-Chapter 6-10

Tad Longway offers to buy a drink for Ms. Fiona McKenzie, a journalist with Voice of America (VOA). This is the first time they are meeting at The Seamount Hotel. The offer is meant to influence what Fiona will report about Path Alpha which is being propagated by Mr. Tad Longway.
Path Alpha is not on the summit’s agenda. Mr. Tad Longway and his accomplices through Dr. Afolabi wants it on the agenda of the summit. The means through which the proposal of Path Alpha will find itself on the agenda, must be fraudulent and full of coercion.

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Dr. Afolabi thanks Nick Sentinel for having given him the tip of The Trick that enabled him put Path Alpha on the summit agenda. The Trick in its exploration must be the coercion means that smells corruption.The method used to reach the decision of settling for Path Alpha or Way Omega is a method that is not very clear. The method attracts so many questions and petitions. It also sounds to be set to have predetermined results. This gives credit to the feeling that there must have been schemes and machinations to reach this predetermined outcome.

Styles and Stylistic Devices In The Fathers Of Nations

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