Section I (50 Marks)

Answer ALL questions in the section in the space provided:

  1. Evaluate without using a calculator .                                                         (3 marks)
  • The sum of the ages of three brothers; Mike, Charles and Abdul is 65 years. Mike is twice as old as Abdul and one and half times as old as Charles. Determine their ages.                                    (3 marks)
  • A supermarket has 18 apples, 30 oranges and 54 apples. The fruits are to be arranged in rows such that every row contains same number of fruits of one type only. Determine the least number of rows required for this arrangement to happen.                                                                                  (3 marks)
  • Find the area of the rectangle below.                                                                                          (3 marks)

Without using a Calculator or Mathematical Table evaluate the value of p: 

Calculate the value of x given that

                           Solve for k in the equation

  1. Mr. Charles who deals in electronics sells a radio to a customer at Kshs. 1,440 after giving him a discount of 10% but finds that he still makes a 20% profit. Find the profit Mr. Charles would make if he does not give a discount.                                                                                          (3marks)
  2. Two towns A and B are 810km apart. A car left A at 8:00am moving towards B at an average speed of xkm/h. A bus left town B at 9:30am moving towards A at an average speed of 84km/h. Determine the average speed of the car, xkm/h, if the two vehicles met at 11.00am. 
  3. In the figure given below, O is the centre of circle.

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