Essays are usually divided into two basic types: creative and logical. Creative essays turn around imagination, artistic skills and ability to figure out situations which are far from reality. On the other hand, logical essays are very well structured and oftentimes deal with important topics by employing precise methodology. The main goal of creative essays is to make the reader enjoy them in an aesthetic sense. The aim of logical essays is to solve a definite problem. Hence, both types of essays require different skills, so you should be very well prepared and have some information on how to write an imaginative essay.

How to Write an Imaginative Essay

Tip1. Choose the most extravagant imaginative essay topic

If you have various options to choose, opt for writing on the “most extravagant” topic. The advantages are the following: first, your imaginative essay will be unique in a sense that there will not be another one to compare it with; and second, teachers welcome working on non-standard topics and also non-traditional approaches to the assignments they give.

TIP 2: Start writing an imaginative essay essay when inspired

Don’t wait for too long; start writing when you have some inspiration. This will only be your first draft. Follow your internal feeling of aesthetics. Analysis and reflection are not proper methods for carrying out the task; you’d rather search for associations provoked by the topic/title. Let’s say, your topic is “A day of the raindrop.” What is your first association? Would you speak from first person, or will merely tell a narrative about the raindrop? What situation should be included in your essay? Where does it take place?

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Advice: try to pick up an idea that suits you the most, and then develop it. If you start analyzing, then you will probably run out of time.

TIP 3: Be original 

Be original – the situation you are describing could be fantastic, or at least not realistic. A raindrop could live as a human being (like the animals in the fairytales); but it can also have different experiences than ours (to meet aliens, for instance). Still, you should keep the balance between realism and fantasy: the most imaginative essay you could write is a surrealistic one, but it will probably make your instructor unsatisfied with your job.

TIP 4: Avoid indirect speech in your imaginative essay

Avoid using indirect speech in your imaginative essay. We advise you to describe the interaction between the characters of your imaginative essay through a narrative. This will help you save place; otherwise, you will write a long story that no one will read.

Be careful: do not choose a topic which is your personal cause because then you might breach the principle of objectivity. It’s not that your paper must be absolutely neutral; on the contrary, it has to express your personal standpoint. But usually people do not take into consideration information contradicting their views. Your essay could lack veracity; remember that the best persuasion is done through facts.

TIP 5: Incorporate a message

Incorporate a message in the imaginative essay. Literature is produced by human beings for human beings; thus, it should include some message, idea, thesis and so forth. In your case, it is not necessary to have a clear message, but still it is good to write the essay while having a certain idea in mind.

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TIP 6: Use figures of speech

Use metaphors, allegories, similes, and other figures of speech. Do not be too “simplistic” in the language employed in your imaginative essay. It is a common flaw of the most contemporary young authors to believe that the style of expression does not have influence on the reader’s mind. On the contrary, the exquisite style always attracts more readers.

TIP 7: Read aloud and revise 

Read aloud your imaginative essay to yourself. This will help you realize some incoherencies or vagueness in it. Revise the paper in order to have a better style and grammar. It is not recommended, however, to change the contents of the essay, as it may affect its quality.

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