Form 4 Chemistry Paper 3-Questions

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Requirements for candidates

In addition to the apparatus and fittings found in a Chemistry laboratory, each candidate will require the following.

  1. about 100cm3 of solution F
  2. about 50cm3 of solution G
  3. 30cm3 of solution M
  4. 30cm3 of solution N
  5. one burette 0 – 50ml
  6. one pipette 25ml
  7. two conical flasks
  8. 100ml measuring cylinder
  9. 200ml or 250ml beaker
  10. About 500ml distilled water
  11. Phenolphthalein indicator
  12. thermometer ( 0 – 110C)
  13. Source of strong heat (preferably Bunsen burner)
  14. clock or stop watch
  15. 2 boiling tubes
  16. one CLEAN METALLIC spatula
  17. 6 clean dry test-tubes
  18. one test-tube holder
  19. at least 6cm length of universal indicator paper
  20. 0.5g of sodium hydrogen carbonate
  21. pH chart pH 1 – 14
  22. Bromine water supplied with a dropper
  23. 0.5g of solid K – oxalic acid.
  24. 0.5g of solid P – Sodium sulphite

The students should have access to the following

  1. 2.0M NaOH solution with a dropper
    1. 1.0M barium nitrate solution with a dropper
    1.  Bromine water with a dropper
    1. Acidfied potassium manganate (vii) with a dropper
    1. 2.0M HCl with a dropper
  2. Bromine water is prepared by adding 1ml of liquid bromine to 100cm3 of distilled water and shaking thoroughly in a fume cupboard.
  • Acidified potassium permanganate is prepared by adding 3.16g of solid potassium permanganate to 400cm3 of 2M sulphuric acid and diluting to one litre of solution using distilled water.
  • Solution M is made by dissolving 12.6g of oxalic acid in 400cm3 distilled water and making it to 1 litre.
  • Solution N is prepared by dissolving  3.16g of potassium manganate (VII) in 200cm3 of 2M sulphuric acid and adding more water to make 1 litre
  • Solution F is prepared by dissolving 4g of sodium hydroxide pellets in about 800cm3 of distilled water and diluting it to one litre solution.
  • Solution G is prepared by dissolving 9.0g of oxalic acid (ethan-1,2-dioic acid) in 200cm3 of distilled water and diluting it to 250cm3 solution.
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