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  1. Name the five major divisions of Old and New Testament. (5mks)
  2. Outline four similarities between traditional African view of evil and Christian understanding of sin.(8mks)
  3. Outline five activities of David that showed he had faith in God. (5mks0
  4. Give five ways in which Christian enhance the true worship of God today. (5mks)
  5. Outline the role of God in African Traditional African society. (5mks)
  6. Highlight factors that have brought changes in African Traditional African society(5mks)
  7. Outline Jeremiahs prophecy concerning the messiah (6mks)
  8. Describe the call of the first disciples.(8mks)
  9. State five lessons that Christian learn from the call of the first disciples. (5mks)
  10. Describe the transfiguration of Jesus (8mks)
  11. Identify six ways in through which the church continues with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ (6mks)
  12. Narrate the parable of the shrewd manager (Luke 16:1-13) (8mks)
  13. With reference to the story of the rich man and Lazarus, explain the teaching of Jesus on proper use of wealth (Luke 16; 19-31). (5mks)
  14. Give five reasons why Christian pray. (5mks)
  15. Identify six ways in which Christians prepare themselves for the second coming of Christ.(5mks)
  16. Give six reasons why Peter denied Jesus.(6mks)
  17. list five names that are used to refer to Lord’s Supper today.(5mks)
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