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1.You went out for games, the teacher gives  you  permission to do some shopping, this permission is for only 20 minutes but you exceed the limited time and you find the teacher and the other students have been waiting for you for almost one hour. Write an apology letter giving a reason as to why you delayed at the shopping center. (20mks)


NAME:……………………………………………….ADM NO:……….CLASS: …….


Use the most appropriate word to fill in each blank spaces in the following passage(10mks)

Okonkwo was tall_________huge and his bushy eyebrows and wide nose gave him a_________severe look. He breathed_____________and it was said that, when he slept, his wives and_____________in the outer houses could______________him breath. when he____________was going to pounce on somebody. And he did pounce on people quite often.he_____________a slight stammer and whenever he was angry and could not get his words out  quickly enough ,he would______________his fist .He had___________patience with unsuccessful men. He had no patience with his father.

B.(i)identify five pairs of words that have the same pronunciation  from the list below(5mks)

Whale                                            rain                                                     pause

Way                                               tail                                                       draft

Why                                               missed                                                wail

Reign                                              mist                                                    ore

Pose                                                air                                                       till

Bawl                                                ball                                                     draught

(ii) Identify the silent in the consonant in the following word (5mks)

  1. Wednesday
  2. Buffet
  3. Resign
  4. Isle
  5. Wrist


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow (10mks)

 Chief  Ullini’s daughter.

Every dark cloud were gathering in the late afternoon sky. There was stillness in the air, a stillness that threatened a storm.

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The boatman who rowed people across the lake was making fast his boat when a young man and a woman approached him in a great hurry. They were desperate to cross the lake, they said, and urged him to take them. He shook his head and pointed to the sky he told them  that the storm was soon calming and that they should wait until it blew over. It  would be dangerous to take his small rowing boat out to the lake.

All the time he was talking, the young couple were nervously looking behind them. Simon, the young man pleaded with the batman to take them and offered him purse of silver coins. He told the boatman that he and the Elizabeth, the young woman, were in love and were determine to marry. Her father was chief ullini and he wanted to marry Elizabeth off to a neighboring chief, a man she did not love. The chief was at that moment pursuing them. They must cross the lake to be safe.

The boatman knew of chief ullini fiery temper and how he would kill the young man if he caught him he could also see how very much in love the young couples were .Just then the boatman son Eric came. He was strucking young man who helps his father , he was told the story of the young couple and sympathized with the plight. The young man spoke up. She would rather, she said, face the turbulent water than meet the wrath of the angry father. Tears weld up n her eyes, never, she protested, would she marry a man she didn’t love.

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The boatman was touched by her a appeal and told her son he had decided to row the couple across not for money, but because he admired their talent and love Eric looked anxiously at his father. A storm was certainly coming , he warned .it will be far too risky.

However, his father was already herding his passenger into his boat. when they were both seated he untied the rope and made to  get in himself. Suddenly , Eric pulled his father away and leapt into the boat took up the 0ars and began to row away.

His father ,when he had recovered his breath ,shouted for his son to come back .His wife, on hearing the shout went down to the lakes edge .seeing her son rowing away over the stormy water, she screamed for him to return .The threatening wind whipped her words away.

Towards the lake a group of armed men came. It was the chief with his warriors. He was angry, but when he saw his daughter on the lake being tossed by angry waves he was terribly afraid .He bellowed that he forgive them and that they should return.

It was in vain as he shouted the waves capsized the little craft and its three young occupants were drowned as the old people watched.

Comprehension questions.(10mks)

  1. What was the boatman doing when the young couple went to him? (1mk)
  • . Why did the boatman initially refuse to take the young man and woman across the lake. (2mks)
  • Why was the couple in a hurry to cross the lake ?(2mks)
  • Explain why the boatman decided to row the couple across the lake in spite of the bad weather. (2mks)
  • Why did Chief Ullin pursue the young couple? (2mks)
  • Never she protested, would she marry a man she did not love. (Write the words that were actually spoken by Elizabeth ) (1mk)
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 Rewrite the following sentences to express future.

  1. The student (open) school tomorrow.(present simple)
  1. Judy was not at the concert.(use will+be)
  1. I( go ) visit my uncle this afternoon.
  1. The teacher (talk) to you about subject choices later.(will+be)
  • They (stop) by your house later.(use be + ing)

Order the adjectives in the following sentences.

  1. She wore a ____________________________________________ dress.(evening, red, silk).
  2. Tirop wanted his _____________________________________ boots. (French, ski)
  3. The house I bought has __________________________________________ furniture.(old, brown)
  4. She got a _______________________________________________ costume. (nylon, black, swimming )
  5. He wore a ________________________________ tie on his wedding day.( woolen , blue).

Oral literature. (10mks)

  1. Explain any five types of songs.

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