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  1. Define the term agriculture correctly.( 1 mk)
  • Give four practices that show that agriculture is an art.( 4 mks)
  • State four area of study that shows that agriculture is a science.( 4 mks)
  • State two ways in which agriculture contributes to development of industries in Kenya.(2 mks)
  • State three ways by which agriculture contributes to national development. (3 mks)
  • List five branches of agriculture. (5 mks)
  • State four factors considered when identifying a farming system in an area.( 4mks)
  • State four characteristics of large scale farming system.( 4mks)
  • State two reasons which make small scale farming common to majority of he farmers in Kenya.( 2 mks)
  1. Define the term pomology as used in crop production (1 mk)
  1. State two reasons why nomads move with their livestock from place to place.( 2mks)
  1. State four climatic factors that influence agricultural production in Kenya.( 4mks)
  1. What is agroforestry.( 1mk)
  1. State four problems associated with shifting cultivation.( 4mks)
  1. State two effects of HIV/AIDs) in agriculture.(2 mks)
  1. State three ways how agriculture as an occupation provide employment.( 3mks)
  1. State four aspects of rainfall important to a farmer ( 4mks)
  1. State five biotic Factors that affect agricultural production.( 5mks)
  1. State four advantages of mixed farming.( 4mks)
  • a) Give three effects of low temperature in crop production.( 3mks)

b) State four harmful effects of wind in crop production. (3 mks)

  •                 Name two categories of crops on the basis of photosynthetic light requirement.( 2mks)


  • Below is a diagram illustrating a soil profile study it carefully and answer the questions that follow.
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  1. Name parts labeled A,B,C and D above( 4mks)




  1. State three properties of the part labeled A above.( 3mks)
  1. State four factors that influence soil formation ( 4mks)

23.  The diagram below shows an experiment set up using different soil type A,B and C.

The observation was made after 24 hours.

  1. State what the experiment was designed to study.( 1mk)
  • Name the soil type labeled A,B,C ( 3mks)




  • State three ways in which soil structure influences crop production.( 3mks)
  • Distinguish between soil structure and soil texture. ( 2mks)

24.          The diagrams below show a  set up of an experiment to study an aspect of soil. The set up was 6

  1. What was the aim of the experiment (1mk)
  • State one observation that was made in each of the flasks labeled C and D

C_____________________( 1mk).

D_____________________(1 m k)

  • Give a reason for each of your answers in(b) above (1 mk)

C________________(1 mk)

D_______________(1 mk)

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