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Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follows .  

Mrs. Linde: (Smiles sadly and strokes her hair). It sometimes happens, Nora.  

Nora: So you are quite alone. How dreadfully sad that must be. I have three lovely children. You can’t see them just now, for they are out with their nurse. But now you must tell me all about it.  

Mrs. Linde: No, no; I want to hear about you.  

Nora: No, you must begin. I mustn’t be selfish today; today I must only think of your affairs. But there is one thing I must tell you.

Do you know we have just had a great piece of good luck?  

Mrs. Linde: No, what is it?  

Nora: Just fancy, my husband has been made manager of the Bank!  

Mrs. Linde: Your husband? What good luck!  

Nora: Yes, tremendous! A barrister’s profession is such an uncertain thing, especially if he won’t undertake unsavory cases; and naturally Torvald has never been willing to do that, and I quite agree with him. You may imagine how pleased we are! He is to take up his work in the Bank at the New Year, and then he will have a big salary and lots of commissions. For the future we can live quite differently —we can do just as we like. I feel so relieved and so happy, Christine! It will be splendid to have heaps of money and not need to have any anxiety, won’t it?  

Mrs. Linde: Yes, anyhow I think it would be delightful to have what one needs.  

Nora: No, not only what one needs, but heaps and heaps of money.  

Mrs. Linde: (smiling) Nora, Nora, haven’t you learned sense yet? In our schooldays you were a great spendthrift. (Laughing) Yes, that is what Torvald says now. (Wags  

Nora: her finger at her.) But ‘Nora, Nora’ is not so silly as you think. We have not been in a position for me to waste money. We have both had to work.  


Mrs. Linde: You too?  

Nora: Yes; odds and ends, needlework, crotchet-work, embroidery, and that kind of thing. (dropping her voice) And other things as well. You know Torvald left his office when we were married. There was not prospect of promotion there’ and he had to try and earn more than before. But during the first year he worked early and late; but he couldn’t stand it, and fell dreadfully ill, and the doctors said it was necessary for him to go south.  

Mrs. Linde: You spent a whole year in Italy, didn’t you?  


  1. Place the excerpt in its immediate context. 5mks  
  2. Identify three styles that are used in the excerpt. State their effectiveness. 6mks  
  3. But ‘Norah, Nora’ is not so silly as you think. What proves that Nora has not been as silly as she was thought to be by many.


  • What theme is brought out in the excerpt? 3mks  
  • What character traits of Nora and Mrs Linde are brought out in the excerpt? 4mks  
  • So, you are quite alone. (Add a question tag). I mk  
  • What is the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt?2mks  

EXCERPT 7  Revision Extracts: A Doll’s House

Read the extract below from DOLL’S HOUSE and answer the questions that follow.  

Mrs. Linde: Still I think the sick are those who most need taking care of.  

Rank: (shrugging his shoulders) Yes, there you are. That is the sentiment that is turning Society into a sick-house. (NORA, who has been absorbed in her thoughts, breaks out into smothered laugher and claps her hands).  

Rank: Why do you laugh at that? Have you any notion what Society really is?  

Nora: ‘What do I care about tiresome Society? I am laughing at something quite different, something extremely amusing. Tell me, Doctor Rank, are all the people who are employed in the Bank dependent on Torvald now?   

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Rank: Is that what you find so extremely amusing?   Nora: (smiling and humming) That’s my affair! (walking about the room) It’s perfectly glorious to think that we have — that Torvald has so much power over so many people. 

(takes the packet in her pocket) Doctor Rank, what do you say to a macaroon?  

Rank: What, macaroons? I thought they were forbidden here.   Nora: Yes, but these are some Christine gave me.  Mrs. Linde: What! I ?-  


Nora: Oh, well, don’t be ashamed! You couldn’t know that Torvald had forbidden them. I must tell you that he is afraid they will spoil my teeth. But, bah! — once in a way —That’s so, isn’t it, Doctor Rank? By your leave! (Puts a macaroon into her mouth)

You must have one too, Christine. And I shall have one, just a little one — or at most two. (walking about) I am tremendously happy. There is just one thing in the world now that I should dearly love to do.  

Rank: Well, what is that?  

Nora: It’s something I should dearly love to say. If Torvald could hear me.  

Rank: Well, why can’t you say it?  

Nora: No, I daren’t; it is so shocking.  

Mrs. Linde: Shocking?  

Rank: Well, I should not dvise you to say it. Still, with us you might. What is ti you would so much like to say if Torvald could hear you?  

Nora: I should just love to say— Well, I’m dammed!  

Rank: Are you mad?  

Mrs. Linde: Nora, dear- !  

Rank: Say it, here he is! Nora (hiding her packet) Hush! Hush! Hush! ) HELMER comes out of his room, with his coat over his arm and his hat in his hand.)  Nora: Well, Torvald dear, have you got rid of him?  

Helmer: Yes, he has just gone.  

Nora: Let me introduce you — this is Christine, who has come to town.  

Helmer: Christine – ? Excuse me, but I don’t know — Of course. School friends of my wife’s I presume?  

Mrs. Linde: Yes, we have known each other since then.  

Nora: And just think, she has taken a long journey in order to see you.  

Helmer: What do you mean? Mrs. Linde. No, really, I—  

Nora: And when she heard you had been appointed manager of the Bank — she travelled here as quick as she could Torvald, I am sure you will be able to do something for Christine, for my sake, won’t you?  


  1. Why does Mrs. Linde feel that those who are sick need taking care of? 4mks  
  2. Identify use of symbolism in the excerpt. 6mks  
  3. Give Nora’s traits brought out in the excerpt. 4mks  


  • What amuses Nora when she finds out that Helmer has so much power over many people? 

Explain 4mks  

  • What is it that Nora would dearly love to say? 2mks  
  • Hush! Hush! Hush! Identify the style used here. 2 mk  
  • What happens immediately after the excerpt? 3mks  


Read the extract below from DOLL’S HOUSE and answer all the questions that follow Nora: Should? He did sign them.  

Krogstad: I had left the date blank; that is to say, your father should himself have inserted the date on which he signed the paper. Do you remember that?   Nora: Yes, I think I remember—  

Krogstad: Then I gave you the bond to send by post to your father. Is that not so?  

Nora: Yes.  

Krogstad: And you naturally did so at once, because five or six days afterwards you brought me the bond with your father’s signature. And then I gave you the money.   Nora: Well, haven’t I been paying it off regularly?  

Krogstad: Fairly so, yes. But to come back to the matter in hand that must have been a very trying time for you, Mrs.  

Nora: It was, indeed.  

Krogstad: Your father was very ill, wasn’t he?  

Nora: He was very near his end.  

Krogstad: And died soon afterwards?  

Nora: Yes:  

Krogstad: Tell me, Mrs Helmer, can you remember what day your father died? the month, I mean.  

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Nora: Papa died on the 29th of September. by any chance on what day of  

Krostand: That is correct; I have ascertained it for myself. And, as that is so, there is discrepancy (taking a paper from his pocket) which I cannot account for.   11

Nora: What discrepancy? I don’t know—  

Krogstand: The discrepancy consists, Mrs. Helmer, in fact that your father signed this bond three days after his death.  

Nora: What do you mean? I don’t understand —  

Krogstand: Your father died on the 29th of September. But, look here; your father has dated his signature the 2nd of October. It is a discrepancy, isn’t it? (NORA is silent) Can you explain it to me?  

(NORA is silent) It is a remarkable thing, too, that the words ‘2nd of October,’ as well as the year, are not written in your father’s handwriting but in one that I think I know. Well, of course it can be explained; your father may have forgotten to date his signature, and someone else may have dated it haphazard before they knew of his death. There is no harm in that. It all depends on the signature of the name; and that is genuine. I suppose, Mrs. Helmer? It was your father himself who signed his name here? 


  1. What is it that Nora claims to have signed? Explain. 4mks  
  2. What does this excerpt reveal about Krogstad’s character? 

8 mks  

  • Explain key theme brought out in the excerpt? 4 mks.  
  • Why did Nora forge her father’s signature? 4mks 
  • What is the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt? 3mks
    • Ascertained 
    • Discrepancy 
    • Genuine   
  • Papa died on the 29th of September (Add a question tag.) 2 mks  

EXCERPT 9 : Free Extract Questions From A Doll’s House

Read the extract below and then answer the questions that follow:  

Nora: (drops her cloak) Someone is coming now! (Goes to the door and listens.) No — it is no one. Of course, no one will come today. Christmas Day — nor tomorrow either. But perhaps— (opens the door and looks out.) No, nothing in the letterbox; it is quite empty. 

(comes forward) What rubbish! Of course, he can’t be in earnest about it. Such a thing 

12 couldn’t happen: it is impossible — I have three little children. (enter the NURSE from the room on the left, carrying a big cardboard box)  

Nurse: At last I have found the box with the fancy dress.  

Nora: Thanks; put it on the table.  

Nurse: (doing so) But it is very much in want of mending.  

Nora: I should like to tear it into a hundred thousand pieces.  

Nurse: What an idea! It can easily be put in order—just a little patience.  

Nora: Yes, I will go and get Mrs. Linde to come and help me with it.  

Nurse: What, out again? In this horrible weather? You will catch cold, ma’am, and make yourself ill.  

Nora: Well, worse than that might happen. How are the children?  

Nurse: The poor little souls are playing with their Christmas presents, but —  Nora: Do they ask much for me?  

Nurse: You see, they are so accustomed to having their mamma with them.  

Nora: Yes, but, nurse, I shall not be able to be so much with them now as I was before.  

Nurse: Oh well, young children easily get accustomed to anything.  

Nora: Do you think so? Do you think they would forget their mother if she went away altogether?   

Nurse: Good heavens! – Went away altogether?  

Nora: Nurse, I want you to tell me something I have often wondered about how could you have the heart to put your own child out among strangers?  

Nurse: I was obliged to, if I wanted to be little Nora’s nurse.  

Nora: Yes, but how could you be willing to do it?  

Nurse: What, when I was going to get such a good place by it? A poor girl who has got into trouble should be glad to. Besides, that wicked man didn’t do a single thing for me.  

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Nora: But I suppose your daughter has quite forgotten you.  

Nurse: No, indeed she hasn’t. She wrote to me when she was confirmed, and when she was married.  


Nora: (putting her arms round her neck) Dear old Anne, you were a good mother to me when 

I was little.  

Nurse: Little Nora, poor dear, had no other mother but me.   

Nora: And if my little ones had no other mother, I am sure you would — What nonsense I am talking! (opens the box) Go in to them. Now I must You will see tomorrow how charming I shall look.  

Nurse: lam sure there will be no one at the ball so charming as you, ma’am. (goes into the room on the left)  


  1. Why is Nora looking worried that someone might be at the door? 4mks  
  2. The nurse reveals that she had to leave her daughter behind in order to serve as Nora’s nurse. Explain the theme brought out from this revelation. 6mks  
  3. What does this conversation between Nora and the Nurse


  • Other than foreshadow, give another styles that is brought out in the excerpt 4mks  
  • Someone is coming now! (Change into a negative sentence). 3mk  


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow.   (20marks)

Rank: Is there anything wrong?  

Nora: No, no, not in the least. It is only something it is my new dress —  Rank: What? Your new dress is lying there.  

Nora: Oh, yes, that one; but this is another. I ordered it. Torvald mustn’t know about it 


Rank: Oho! Then that was the great secret.  

Nora: Of course. Just go in to him; he is sitting in the inner room, Keep him as long as—  

Rank: Make your kind easy; I won’t let him escape. (Goes into HELMER’S room)  Nora: (to the MAID) And he is standing waiting in the kitchen?  

Maid: Yes, he came up the back stairs.  

Nora: But didn’t you tell him no one was in? 

Maid: Yes, but it was no good. 

Nora: He won’t go away? 

Maid: No; he says he won’t until he has seen you, ma’am. 


Nora: Well, let him come in —but quietly. Hellen, you mustn’t say anything about it to anyone. It is a surprise for my husband.  Maid: Yes, ma’am, i quite understand. (Exit)   Nora: This dreadful thing is going to happen! It will happen in spite of me! No, no, no, it can’t happen — it shan’t happen! (She bolts the door of HELMER’S room. The MAID opens the hall door for KROGSTAD and shuts it after him. He is wearing a fur coat, high boots and a furcap.)  

Nora: (advancing towards him) Speak low — my husband is at home.  

Krogstad: No matter about that.  

Nora: What do you want of me?  

Krogstad: An explanation of something.  

          Nora: Make haste then. What is it?    

Krogstad: You know, I suppose, that I have got my dismissal.  

Nora: I couldn’t prevent it, Mr. Krogstade I fought as hard as a I could on your side, but it was no good.  

Krogstad: Does your husband love you so little, then? He knows what I can expose you to, and yet he ventures —  

Nora: How can you suppose that he has any knowledge of the sort?  


  1. Place the excerpt in its immediate context. 6mks  
  2. What is it that Nora claims to be another that she ordered? What does it reveal about her character trait?


  • This dreadful thing is going to happen! What is it that Nora fears will happen? 5mks  
  • What character trait of Nora is brought outin the excerpt? 4mks  
  • What is the presentation of Rank in the excerpt? 2mks .  
  • What major theme comes out in the excerpt? 2mks  
  • What is the meaning of the following words as used in

the excerpt? 2mks  

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