Answer all the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

1.   (a)

i.    Two most outstanding elements and one principle in the art work above                                                           (3marks)

Elements……Tone, Shape

Principal Unity/ harmony

(ii) Two ways through which depth has been achieved in the composition

-By overlapping shapes

-Closer shapes and parts appear detailed and bigger

Use of tone (2marks)

                      (ii)Dominance as a principle and how it is achieved composition

              The principle of art that makes shapes and elements be easily seen/recognized/conspicuous from the   rest (2marks)

a)   Below is  an identification symbol

   Identify the symbol.-Trade mark (1mark)

         (ii)Any other three symbols that are used in the same category as one above (3mks)                                                   




b)   Below is  a colour wheel showing colour temperature

[a] In regard to colour temperature, Identify and label the following: (4mks)

(i)Warm colours

The colours ion the right hand side of the line-Yellow to pink

(ii)Cool colours

Colours on the left side of the line stretching from Green to blue

[b](i)Identify any two analogous colours (2mks)

                            Yellow, red, orange,      light blue, green,        pink, blue

(ii) Complimentary colours (2mks)                                                                 

Red and green, Yellow and blue, Pink and light green, orange/light blue.

c)   Using illustrations in the space below, explain the difference between Front, Profile, and ¾ view in regards to portrait drawing (6mks)

                                    Front view      Profile/side view        ¾ view

Front view-All facial parts-both eyes and ears are directly visible

– Profile/side view-Only an ear and an eye are visible

-3/4 view-the two eyes and one ear are visible. At a slightly tilted pause.

Form 2 Art and Design Exam SECTION B (40 marks) Answer All questions in this section

2(a) Differences between mosaic and collage

MOSAIC                                     COLLAGE 


Juxtaposed tesseraes               -Superimposed tesseraes

2D Art work                               -3D art work

Presence of interstices            -Presence of textured surface

Colour is the main element   –Texture is the main element Any 2=2marks)

       (b) Two similarities of montage and collage artworks

             –Both involve pasting

             -Both can be done on flat surfaces

             -elements such as shape, colour and texture are majorly conspicuous

-Are multimedia art techniques (4 mks)

(3)(i)Any two serigraphy printing techniques.


Silk screen printing (2marks)            

            (ii)The difference between a negative and positive space in printing any artwork

Positive space-the area occupied/covered by the art works

Negative space-the area uncovered/unoccupied by the artwork/printed work (4mks)

           (b) Using the graphic words below,

(i)Identify and show the condensed words NATIONAL DIPLOMA(1mk)

(ii)Expanded words……GRAPHIC DESIGN(1mk)

4(a)[i] the type of eye level shown in the illustration below

Worms eye view   (2mark)

[ii] Name any other two eye levels apart from the one named in 4[i] above (2mks)

          Bird’s eye

          Normal Eye view/level

(b)  Any three painting techniques

Pallet knife

Brush stroke

Dry brush

Wash out


Wet in wet (Any 3=3marks)

5    Study the activity below and answer the questions that follow.

a.   The art activity and the technique being used   


Activity…Pottery/making a vase using clay (1mark)

Technique…Throwing           (1mk)

b.   Give any other two hand building techniques apart from the one above (2marks)

-Pinching, Coiling, Slab, Ball method    

6.Using the blank space of the question paper and in an area of 12cm by 8cm, Either draw a composition of “A person resting under a  tree shade with one leg foreshortened towards the viewer” Or In Good calligraphic hand witting, Rewrite the extract: “Art is never finished, it is only abandonedLeonardo Davinci.(15mks)

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Alt A

Correct question interpretation/theme/subject matter-2mks

-Correct shapes-3mks

-Proper show of depth/perspective by foreshortening one of the legs-4mksmks

Use of other elements and principles-texture, tone and proportions


Execution and finishing-2mks

Total 15mks

Alt B

Lettering 5mks

Precision and tidiness, outlines, font styles and consistency-5

Media and tool control-3mks

Personal quality and finishing 2mks



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